The Music Industry is Changing

You know it and I know it. Things are not like they used to be in the world of music (or any world for that matter). Maybe this is a good thing, maybe not. But the arts require a ton of creativity, determination, and hard work to survive and not become disillusioned, burned out, or obsolete. And many of us of all ages are still working on our craft, not only living in the good-ol’-glory-days.

There are so many changes in every aspect of music. Technology- analog vs digital, CDs vs Spotify, image vs authenticity, marketing vs art, young vs old… the list goes on but you catch my drift. Even with all the craziness and uncertainty- live music will always be about connection.

The members of this band have each participated in many groups and projects over the years, some good, some, well… better left in obscurity and yet we are still learning, growing, inventing. Last night in our weekly session we hit a new stride in our level of comfort, communication, and cohesion with each other as musical partners. Intangible, yet identifiable. How does this happen? Each player brings a unique set of skills and perspectives which makes for something, well… if I could be so bold to say- Special. Not simply in the music, but even in how we have begun to go about perpetuating our love of playing (both the business side as well as the creation of it) to anyone who would listen. Special- in how we find our own little democracy to form the personality of our band. Unique- in how we put a twist on a cover song or how we arrange one of our own tunes. We’re Different. Just like everyone else who wants to try new things. There are an infinite number of one-of-a-kinds… with more being formed every single day.

Yes, there are many many many (you get my point) other bands… not just bands, but every kind of entertainments vying for listeners’ attentions. But that is ok. Because of the insatiable appetite for new, different, and fresh- the only way for an artist to become obsolete is to ignore that desire in others, but also in themselves. So many local musicians have formed tribute bands because nostalgia is a strong motivation (nothing wrong with that). But reliving the past is not the only thing music lovers want to experience, right? We all need something new. We know what we like when we like it and not a moment before.

Life IS different than it used to be, but people still need connection. And that’s why LIVE, local music still has value. It brings neighbors together, lifts spirits, and helps us get out of our isolation. People are much more silo-ed these days socially than when the town square was their facebook. And even though it seems like humanity is connected through technology- we socialize with our friends and interests from the comfort and safety of our computers. People still spend time on the activities which interest them and fortunately many of us still love to go out and hear a good band.

So, what makes the Reckless Poets something worth listening to? Because, after all the changes in music and society- we’re still doing it. We’re still playing. We’re bringing our hearts into this music so YOU can enjoy a moment or two of true connection that hopefully remains after we’ve parted for the moment.

So, as different as the music scene is these days- thank goodness we still need each other. And that’s a good thing.

Stay tuned!



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