New Songs for Old Souls

New Songs for Old Souls

Think of some of the Great Songs you have heard. Each one had a different effect on you, settled inside you, and never let go. A Great Song might speak to something you believe in strongly- a cause, a creed, a desire. It can encourage, excite, or unite. It can lift you when you feel low. It can make you think “I wish I had said that”. A Great Song can share an interesting story, make you laugh every time, or say “That’s exactly how I feel right now”. It can give you hope for love… or break your heart. A Great Song speaks to the time in which it is written, but also for all times. That is why you can carry one in your head your entire life because it does something for you no other experience can. A Great Song can change us or give us even more resolve for our already stubborn plans, schemes, and dreams. Or, it can simply be a good beat which makes us want to dance. Party on, Garth… Who’s to say what’s best? We are. For ourselves – because there are Great Songs for almost any occasion. And they are ours because we made them so.

For these and many other reasons we hold on to music we heard for the first time many years ago. Reliving the high points of our lives, something familiar to hold on to in a quickly changing world. Preserving our memories…

So, when was the last time you felt this way with a new song? Was it years… or minutes ago? Either way- you never can get enough of that feeling, can you? We might consider ourselves old souls (even if we are young) but we want NEW experiences. NEW songs which move us like we want to be moved. Nostalgia is great, but what about the future? I loved that moment I heard (insert my favorite artist here)… And I want more, More, MORE!!

How does a special connection with a song happen? It is not something one is able to create alone- it requires a gift, and exchange, and a MOMENT. But, we can increase our odds if we put ourselves in a position to receive it, right? I’m not talking youtube here. I’m talking live, local music you stumble on one day and say “I had no idea that even existed!” It’s no secret that Santa Cruz is a hotbed of music but making time to check out new artists is like, well, um, riiiight… ok sure, I’ll get right on that in 3 weeks after I do everything else I have to do, right?

Today’s high impact sensory reality demands our every waking (and for many of us non-sleeping) attention. Ug.

You and I both know there are opportunities to experience Great Songs and the accompanying gifts all around us. We just have to position ourselves in the right place at the right time. Simple, right? NOT.

I would like to submit to you an opportunity to put yourself in the company of others looking for that same experience. Not just for the music, but for the possibility of discovering some new Great Songs to inspire you in ways you might not have even realized.

Please allow me to be so bold as to invite you to a special evening designed to do this very thing- CONNECT you with the potential of finding gold in these thar’ hills. The Reckless Poets have some brand new songs to share with you- some hot off the press, and some that might have been almost forgotten for quite a few years. But these songs have current impact or we wouldn’t be sharing this invitation with you.

Our influences are some of the same as yours- and that comes out in our songs. One can hear flavors of music that turned our heads back in the day, and yet- these songs are NEW. The songs we want to offer to you are expressions of the same experiences we share- from long in the past to far in the future.

Are these songs “great” songs? We don’t know yet, but we sure could use your help in finding out. The only way our songs are “great” are if YOU make them great by weaving them into your experience. Without YOU we’re just sitting up at Tim’s playing to the four walls. Nothing wrong with that- but a song is meant to be HEARD, SHARED, EXPERIENCED.

Please join us on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at the newest, most exciting original music venue in Santa Cruz. Michaels on Main has expanded its entertainment to include opportunities for serious music listeners who may love to dance, but also want Great Songs. The Reckless Poets are honored to be among some of the musical pioneers who have been given the opportunity to kick-start the new Michaels on Main Showcase Venue. Time for New Songs for Old Souls…

Don’t attend this show for us… do it for YOU.

And so- the Reckless Poets are pleased to give you… New Songs for Old Souls in this Special Concert of our original music.

March 8th, 2018
Show starts promptly at 7:30pm at Michael’s On Main
Tickets are $10 at the door, $8 online from brownpapertickets, or by email:
Limited seating available.

PRESS RELEASE. Jan 8, 2018
The Reckless Poets create rhythmic and hypnotic grooves with their blend of original compositions and covers inspired by Americana, Rockin’ Blues, and Soul. The upcoming special sit-down show at Michaels On Main reveals the songwriting facet of this local Santa Cruz band. Award winning songwriters Glenn MacPherson (Mars Songwriting Contest Winner, Top Prize at Sisters Folk and Fast Folk NYC), Stephen Bigger (Nashville ASCAP Award Winner, original scores for “American Pickers”, Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars”, Discovery Channel), and Audio Guru Tim Prince (Ridgetop Sound Recording Studio, Universal Audio, Keith Greeninger) join forces with local legends Mark Hull (Levi’s Ghost, Beat Street), and Eric Gunn (Nora Cruz, Mighty Mike Schermer, The Original Substitutes, Carl Rey) to bring their best original songs to the stage for a very special evening of musical connection and discovery. You will be treated to an evening of music reminiscent of The Band, Grateful Dead, Subdudes, Mark Knopfler, Little Feat, and Bob Dylan. The band features acoustic and electric guitar, baritone electric guitar, organ, piano, drums, bass, and vocal harmonies. Take a ride with the Reckless Poets down the less traveled beautiful back roads of music. Visit for music and more.


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